Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Of Those Blog Lists

My kid has been home from school, sick, ALL week. Man this cold hit her hard. Catching up on homework is going to be a bitch.

This morning I had to go to work in the -20 windchill. I'm pretty sure that in January that windchill would have closed Emma's school and perhaps even canceled classes at the college, but I think they figure we've all gotten used to it. Or else they're just can't afford to lose any more days and figure if people die of frostbite, well, too bad. And really, most of them won't die --just lose a finger or nose.

Remember Gwen, our cat? Well, she's still hanging on, but just barely. She'll be okay (if by okay you mean wandering the house howling, deaf and blind and hoping to stumble on to a person) for days, and then bang, she'll have a bad day. On her bad days she can't seem to move --its like she loses all muscle tone, and just lies in her bed. If you pick her up, she arches her head back oddly and meows, and if you put her down she collapses. Twenty-four hours later, she's back to wandering and howling. Each time it happens, we look at each other, thinking, this is the end. So far we've been wrong.

I google-mapped our address, and they've updated. I do this every once in a while --I kind of like looking around the world on Google maps. When I read about a cool setting in a book, I'll take a quick flight over the area with Google maps. It's fun. But the new picture of our place must have been taken in the summer, because the pool is blue (no winter cover), and there are two floaties on the edge. I zoomed in to see if they caught any of us in our swimsuits, but apparently not. Which is kind of amazing because I think Emma was actually in the pool more than she was out last summer. It looked inviting. Do you guys ever do that? Look around your neighborhood? Or look up book locations?

I'm almost done with Melissa's book, Kicks Like a Girl --I'll post again with a review when I finish :-)

And that's all I've got. I really need some warm sunshine on my face while sitting on the garden bench. It appears to be a vain hope, though.


  1. I hope everyone feels better.

    I have not googled my own house, but sometimes I look for the house I grew up in, which my parents moved out of about 10 years ago. The person who bought it changed everything - tore out all the shrubs and the hedges, so it looks kind of bare, and just wrong.

    I have never thought of googling a place I read about in a book!

  2. I've never thought about googling a setting in a book, either! Brilliant! Inspired! I'm going to do that all the time now, unless I forget, which is just as likely as not.

  3. I googled our old house but it made me sad: they took down the custom porch swing and painted the shutters black (we'd painted them blue). *sigh*
    We're returning to single digit temperatures next week. Tonight when I drove home from work I decided that I might be sick of snow. Maybe I'll google your place and dream of a summer visit!
    Mostly I'm sorry that Emma is sick and Gwen is in her slow decline.

  4. I've often Googled locations in books, and I also Google people in my address book--I have a lot of relatives--whose homes I've never seen. Brings them a little closer...

  5. I googled the address of a new friend of Edie's, to get directions. The family was outside when the google mobile drove by, so they are on the front porch waving at you when you pull up their house.

    It was in the 50's & 60's & sunny here last weekend. I gleefully sat in the front yard with Betty for a bit, then drove down to Scottsville with Pat, who claimed he needed to put his boat motor in the water. We thought about going out on the water, but it was awfully big (all that snow melt). Instead, we settled for beers on the patio of a few establishments before heading home. It was good to feel sun on my face. Sunday afternoon I worked in the garden for just a little bit, throwing some seeds in, just because. It was good to get a small taste of spring.

  6. I heard a rumor that it might get to 30 degrees next week.
    I've googled our house, too, and it looks really sad I think!
    Poor cat. That must be tough on you.

  7. I google map everything I can think of!

  8. I rarely think to click on the satellite view when I'm looking up an address, but I did check out a restaurant last week where we were supposed to meet our daughter in St. Louis. I thought it would help me recognize it when I saw it, but we still managed to get lost:)