Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Happy Thoughts

A nurse at the orthopedic clinic who can calm my fears over the phone, so I don't have to fit a drive to Madison into my schedule.

A wonderful physical therapist, who's getting a gift card to the best restaurant in town once I'm done with PT.

Liberal, progressive, friends who are compassionate, sane, and willing to work toward a better world for us all.

School prep. Creating new assignments and playing around with Word to make drawings of plate boundaries is so satisfying.

A daughter who is happy to move the car when it's in the way of a contractor. Yay! for teaching your kids to drive.

A daughter who is old enough to know what she needs in the way of school supplies and basically does the shopping for herself (we'll leave out the sky-high price of cheap PE shoes that seem especially worthless to me because PE is basically worthless).

An excellent cantaloupe. 

An almost-red tomato in my garden!

A good friend who picks up the one item on the teacher's classroom list we couldn't find so I don't have to make a second Target run.

So, that's mainly people, plus fruit, vegetables, and a bit of intellectually engaging work. :-)



  1. What a lovely list! Except for the cantaloupe. I'm not a fan, but that leaves more for you! :-)

  2. This list makes me SMILE. Life can be so good.

  3. Oh my, what a sweet list. I made my own yesterday, which included eating raspberry tarts so I was FORCED to make...and eat them :) PE: Ithaca HS built a fitness center like an adult health club, because they realized that it was more practical to have PE classes that mirror what adults like to do....go to a club, use machines, or have step classes, etc. DUH :)

  4. A good cantaloupe goes a long way.

  5. Found you through Prairie Rose's blog. I agree, PE is worthless! My son is a junior this year with an enormous academic load (Physics I AND Organic Chemistry AND Calculus 1!), and had to take gym as an independent study because there's no room for it in his schedule! However, he can't any of his out of school activities, such as the YMCA swim team for it--he must put in hours in the school weight room and complete some academic work for it as well! Makes me want to beat my head on a wall!

    However, the same son got his license about a month ago, and it is a wonderful thing to not have to drive him to work, or to send HIM out to pick up whatever I forgot I needed to make dinner!

    Finally, I love the title of your blog. It's how we all feel, so often, even if it's so not true!---Kimberley from Cosmos and Cleome

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kimberly! Rose's garden blog is such a joy to read and view!

  6. Ack! Wait! Driving already?

    Using the driving skills to help out Mom? That's excellent.

    PE is sometimes the only exercise my youngest gets, so I can't say it is completely worthless. At our senior high school, there is a unit on golf, which I think is pretty worthless, though. I guess they are giving the kids preparation for their future high-powered jobs which will require schmoozing with the boss on the golf course. The funny thing is that they practice golf right near the school parking lot.

    I have great, great respect and gratitude for physical therapists.

    1. I have those same feelings about golf :-)

  7. Is E really that close to driving already? My mind is a little blown.

    This is a lovely list.

  8. People and produce... definitely a good list! My husband taught our youngest to drive in a pinch but I am not looking forward to him asking for his learner's permit. Yikes!