Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Is Untitled :-) Because sometimes I just can't.

The tomatoes have come in. All of them at the same time. I may have to freeze some --I can't believe how great these turned out. None of them have ended up being all wonky or having any problems. And the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are just like eating candy, they're so sweet. (I've tried lots of yellow cherries that say they're like Sun Gold, but none has had this incredibly sweet flavor. This is all because of my mother's Mother's Day gift-certificate to me --White Flower Farm is very expensive, but their plants are consistently good.) So, today for lunch I cut up a tomato, doused it in some basalmic vinegar, and chopped up fresh mozzarella cheese. Yum! Although I should've planted basil and never got around to it.

It's hotter and more humid today than it has been all summer. It's supposed to hit 94 on Friday. Of course! Because the college semester has started, so I have to get all gussied-up and go in and teach. Emma is still off this week, and is in the pool with a friend as I write. And has two other friends coming tomorrow afternoon to swim. But she starts school next week, and the evenings are already significantly shorter, so pool time is rapidly shrinking. So sad.

I have two tiny scabs left on my incision, but my Physical Therapist okayed me for aquatic therapy this Friday. I'm taking that as an okay to swim in our pool this weekend too! So there.

I've made it through the first two days of the semester. Which means I've met each of my on-campus classes once. I tend to take it easy the first day of class --I like to get a feel for the class, just talk to them about what we're going to be doing, rather than jumping right in with a lecture. The MW class is small --just 15 students. They felt a bit awkward. The class today (a TTh class) is full, at 30 students, and had a much better vibe. It might be the time difference. The TTh class is at 10:30 am. Better students tend to sign up for classes sooner, and get the best (morning) time slots. The MW class is at noon, and afternoon classes tend to have a larger percentage of slackers.

I've been playing with a zentangle. It's not finished yet --there is still one petal to go. I'm not thrilled with all the petals, but I really like the more organic patterned ones :-)


  1. Your zentangle is beautiful. Your tomatoes sound heavenly and YAY YOU for swimming this weekend! Hope you're feeling good and strong.

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    1. BTW, if you have time, tomatoes are EASY to can, as sauce, salsa or just as they are.

  3. Pretty art work!
    I swear there's a LAW that says ALL the tomatoes must get ripe TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY after school begins for people who both teach and garden.
    And the heat!
    I am mourning the shorter evenings, too. Makes me a little melancholy.
    Glad your body is cooperating with your job and you can swim again.

  4. I'm going to be making and freezing something tomatoesque because I have a bumper crop myself.

    I love your zentangle. Now that's a title right there!

  5. You can pop whole tomatoes right into the freezer with no prep work at all. When ready, run them under hot water, the skin will pop off and voila! Tomatoes, ready to be chopped for sauce, chilis or soups. I do that with about a half bushel or so every year when I get tired of canning.
    I am jealous of your tomatoes. The squirrels, rabbits and deer have feasted on every plant I've put in and beetles have shredded my basil.
    Nice zentangle.

    1. Thanks for the tomato-freezing tip --that sounds super! I'll definitely be trying it.

  6. My tomatoes haven't done so well this year. I have plenty of regular old cherry tomatoes, but hardly any Big Boys. I am, however, drowning in zucchini.

    Yay for swimming! It's finally gotten hot here, too, this week.

    I find the different vibes you experiences in your classes interesting. I had noticed that, of course, when I took college classes, but somehow always assumed it was due mostly to the professor or the subject matter of the course, but those two variables are obviously the same for you. It's just... hmm. Thought-provoking.

    I enjoy seeing your zentangles- I think my favorite is the leafy one on the left, although I like the effect of them all together, too. I have not tried zentangles, as I do not need one more thing to suck at. At which to suck. Whatever.

    1. It's a bummer than Illinois and Iowa aren't closer --we could share :-) I haven't planted zucchini in a while, but I should. I love it young, and love making zucchini bread too!

  7. I'm so glad that you have a good tomato crop, and that you can go swimming!

    My tomatoes (planted in the hanging planter) were a total bust. I did not wash out the hanging planter before putting in new soil, and I think they got tomato blight from it. Or maybe from the Tomato Blight Demon breathing on them.

    I like the zentangle a lot! It looks already finished to me.

  8. I'd happily trade you some tomatoes for zucchini -- we've got plenty of Z and only a few ripe tomatoes. (There are a lot of green tomatoes and I can only hope they ripen or we'll be eating green tomato pie this fall again and again.)
    The zentagle leaves and petals drawn on a petal are really beautiful!

  9. Seeing the comments here, I wish I could trade some tomatoes for zucchini, too. I didn't get any zucchini planted, but I did plant yellow summer squash which doesn't work as well in breads, brownies, etc. The tomatoes are really doing well at the moment, but my husband just found out he has to stop eating them for awhile--they counteract blood thinner. Looks like I'll be freezing some sooner than I thought.

    Love the zentangles--you are so artistic!