Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Swimming Along

Well, we are down a hamster. This one died quietly in its bed, rather than sneaking out of the cage and dying on the road to adventure. I think this will be the last one --I think we're past the hamster phase. And they were cute, but I can handle the less-mess.

Tomorrow is my one-month follow-up appointment with my surgeon, although because of scheduling issues, it's actually been two months. I am still having pain in my leg, but wouldn't you know that today it felt better? That's how it is with doctors. The day of the appointment it's never as bad, then the day after it'll get worse again. I'm actually looking forward to the x-ray because I'd like to know for certain that this pain is not an actual problem with the implant.

First day of school for Emma was yesterday --yes, I took no photos and I fed her a donut for breakfast. Because I'm a lazy mom in that way. Taking first-day-of-school-photos just isn't in my genes, and I've decided not to force it anymore.  She was anxious about returning to the chaos of all those kids, but I knew that she'd be fine once she was actually there. And she was.

We are having our first school year ever without anyone teaching evening classes. Both parents home, all week nights! It's kind of cool and relaxing, somehow. For many years, Rob chose to teach a couple of evening classes so he could teach the higher-level classes like Calculus. He did this because presumably students taking Calculus are taking it because they need/want it for their academic goals, and you could expect them to be somewhat motivated to learn. Not so lately. The attrition rate in the higher-level classes is now as bad as that in College Algebra --something that has really perplexed us. If you hate math so much, why would you go into a field that required you to use it? But anyway, he gave up teaching those classes and chose all lower-level classes which allowed him to have a days-only schedule.

One nice side benefit to this is that he now picks Emma up from school every day (well, M through Th. Neither of us has to be on campus on Fridays, so we'll probably divvy that day up). I drop her off, and he picks her up. This means my afternoons are a bit more relaxed. One of the things I'm looking into is joining the local Y, so I can swim in the afternoons, after I'm done teaching. It's kind of nice to have that afternoon freedom :-)

So this will be me in the next week or so:

Now doesn't that look peaceful? :-)


  1. "...dying on the road to adventure" really made me laugh.

    Every single time I go to the doc for a chronic problem it magically clears up the day of the appointment, leading to further paranoia that every single one of my problems is mental. I'm glad this happens to someone else.

    We're now six days into our school year and a friend of mine just took her six(!) kids' front porch back-to-school photos today. All those kids' smiles and facial expressions looked less panicked and more relaxed than the photos I saw last week on the actual first day. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

    Yay for free (-ish, as I have no doubt you still have work to do) evenings! And I'm more than a little jealous of the thought of swimming through the winter. Swimming always seems like the ideal exercise to me; so good for you cardiovascularly (you can stick -ly on any old word and it becomes an adverb, right?), easy on the joints.

    1. Taking that photo AFTER the first day is a brilliant idea!

  2. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your hamster.

    Tomorrow is the first day of school for my youngest. We currently have cupcakes in the house, and I am betting that will be her breakfast tomorrow morning. A person needs some strong incentive to get up at 6 a.m. to take a 30 minute bus ride to a school that is 1.5 miles away.

    I hope you get to do regular swimming - it sounds heavenly. I love swimming but I can't do it anymore because water gets in my ears and wrecks everything. Yes, I could use earplugs, but I have problems with them too. Swim a lap for me!

  3. Oh! Sorry about your hamster. I'm thinking that swimming at the Y will be good exercise without extra pressure that might contribute to leg pain. I'm thinking about joining for the same reason (my hip has been hurting for a couple of weeks now). My youngest started high school this week, but did not want photos. :-( She would have loved a donut though! I hope your leg pain is better soon.

  4. Oh...your hamster, golly :( But hey, the promise of a new school year for all of you!

  5. Great that you'll be able to swim so much! Hopefully that will help with the pain. And you are so right about the day of a doctor's visit. Symptoms vanish. Hope you find the culprit in the xray.

  6. I'm taking advantage of our new later start time to get back into my 6 am workout routine. I find I really prefer to start my day off with my 'me' time.
    We are still figuring out our new afternoon and evening routines. Next week all our activities kick in, so this week has been a nice slow reentry into structure and schedule.

  7. I confess, I'm glad to read you are down a pet. Hamsters strike me as a rather useless creature.
    Enjoy those leisurely evenings. I'm looking forward to ours here, we've bowed out of a lot of extra activity and I hope it's a healthy choice.

  8. I've probably told you about all the hamsters we went through during my youngest daughter's childhood. I was secretly glad when she decided not to get another, because it was so traumatic every time she lost one. I'm not a swimmer, but always wished I was--great exercise and therapy for so many things. Glad you'll finally be able to fit it into your schedule.

  9. I imagine hamsters are cute and smelly and noisy, but hey -- doesn't that cover most pets? If you are "good" with having one less pet, I am happy for you.
    Signed, the woman who just adopted another pet (I'll smack my head later)